Changing the conversation about environmental conservation, from doom and gloom, to inspiration and action!

Event postponed due to COVID-19

Statement regarding postponement of Earth Optimism event at Taronga Zoo

Following current public health advice we have chosen to move our Earth Optimism 2020 event, to be hosted in collaboration with Taronga, to a virtual event. We will take the opportunity on Earth Day to share relevant Earth Optimism stories via Facebook and Twitter.  We will delay our in person public event. Watch for announcements around exact dates and times. 

Earth Optimism Australia 2020

Earth Optimism is part of a growing, global movement that celebrates a change in focus from problem to solution, from a sense of loss to one of hope, in the dialogue about conservation and sustainability. 

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the Society for Conservation Biology Oceania is proud to be partnering with Taronga Conservation Society to host Earth Optimism Australia 2020 : a one-day public event at Taronga Zoo, featuring conservation success stories from leading scientists and conservationists, inspiring pop up talks from emerging scientists who are working on innovative solutions to conserve our environment, and a “solutions fair” demonstrating actions that YOU can take to make a difference. 

Inspiring talks

Learn what is working in conservation and why – hear success stories from leading conservationists.

Solutions Fair

Discover how every one of us can become more involved in the fight to protect the natural world.

Featured Sessions

Stories of hope and success: fire management in Australia

Fire is arguably the largest determinant of change in Australia’s landscapes and fire management features strongly in both urban and regional settings. The 2019 – 2020 fire season has been one of devastation and discussions of fire have been sombre. But amongst these there are stories of hope and success that we will tell. Come join us to hear from speakers sharing their fire management success stories.

How public outreach and action can stop rainforest clearing

Hear from Taronga staff about the science behind the Sumatran tiger experience. They’ll explain how the choices you make buying every day products can help Tigers and other wildlife, conserve forests and secure livelihoods: simple solution – Buy products that contain RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. At the close of this session Taronga staff will be available to point you in the direction of the Sumatran tigers and tell you more about them.

Simple ideas big impacts: the food that sustains us

Food is an integral part of our days. It sustains us, it forms the basis for human connections, it is a foundation for culture. But providing food sustainably presents challenges. Here about simple ideas that have big impacts for producing sustainable food and making sure everyone has access to healthy food.

Shining stars

This session features 9 shining stars – both the humans telling the stories and their earth solutions – in rapid fire. Each talk will be short and sweet clocking in at just 3 minutes. So come to this speed dating session of great ideas and amazing people working to implement real change.